BUDA to undertake following works in different parts of the city

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The Belagavi Urban Development authority BUDA has floated various tenders for works of improvement of roads in various areas of the city.

The details are as follows –

Improvements to Roads at Nazar Camp, Vadagavi and Bhagya Nagar in Belagavi – Rs. 39147339.27

Improvements to Roads at Keshav Nagar, Vadgaon Sai colony and Kanbanjar Colony – Rs. 44195516.61

Improvements to Road in Angol Tanaji Galli, Saleshwar Devastan Road, Near Arihant Mandir and Udyambag – Rs.44575233.50

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Improvements to Roads in Rani Chennamma Nagar 1st stage , Bhavani Nagar,Subhash chandra Nagar and Watve Colony – Rs. 43436472.13

Improvements to Roads in Om Nagar, R.C. Nagar II stage and Kulkarni Galli – Rs. 41019443.61

Improvements to Roads at Anand Nagar, Rajhuns Galli and Bhagya Nagar – Rs.43178871.15

Supplying Labours for Cleaning Ramteerth Nagar area (For 6 Months Period) – Rs. 1210642.65

2 thoughts on “BUDA to undertake following works in different parts of the city”

  1. 1. Ramteertha Nagar’s GUTTERS are chocked. Need urgent cleaning before monsoon. 2. The FOOTPATH WORK is going on for the last 4 months yet to be completed. 3. On road the laid tiles have come out making dangerous POTHOLES. 4. The menace of stray dirty PIGS is everywhere spoiling the look & hygiene of Ramteertha Nagar. 5. WEEDS and SHRUBS are growing on the road sides and in VACANT PLOTS which are breeding grounds for PIGS & MOSQUITOES. 6. THE SHIVALAY MANDIR Garden is not maintained. HOPE THE ALLOCATION OF Rs.12 lakhs plus amount will be properly utilised to do all these PENDING WORKS.


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