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Buildings demolished in Ramlingkhind for road widening

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After a local court had dismissed the petition of the residents on technical grounds filed by Jeevan Vivek Prathisthan, the city corporation on Monday afternoon demolished 18 buildings in Ramlingkhind galli for the road widening which is to be 60 feet. The same was done under police protection.

ramlingkhindHattikar family remains with 1 feet of house:

The Shankar Hattikar family which had a house of 17 feet height and 38 feet width after demolition of 16 feet for road widening they have only one feet remaining with 7 family members all had to take shelter in a temple. When the women of the house pleaded their grudge Corporation officials asked them to shift to the night shelter at Risaldar galli.

Shankar works in a book shop and somehow manages his family of 7, with no roof over their head they now face a lot of hardships. The officials also said they will see that the family gets some rehabilitation under some scheme.

But wouldn’t it have been better that such rehabilitation is done before demolition. The Hattikars have given their property for public use now and they are on the roads with no roof on their head.
Is this the development we are wanting?

5 thoughts on “Buildings demolished in Ramlingkhind for road widening”

  1. Wonder if countries in Europe used such “Road widening” what would be left of the cities people flock to see…

    Most streets are smaller then Belgaum street in EU and old houses preserved for generations ….

    Wonder what school the city planners went to ; To decide at the drop of the hat to start demolishing in the name of development…
    Such a shame the next generation will get to see only pictures of a beautiful old Belgaum streets and buildings …

  2. First the family had to payed proper compensation or at least provided with a home first and then their old building should have been demolished. Feel Sorry for the family who have no roof. But city needs development.

  3. This issue cud have been properly handled better in first place. Proper arrangements shud have been made to rehabilitate the families impacted by public devlopment efforts. I m guessing v lack complete story to see wht efforts civic authorities wud have put before coming to climax. Hope v get more news abt thus in coming days.


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