Bus shelter becomes useless as politicians hoarding blocks entry

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Its is that time of the year when the summer heat is at its peak and the rural commuters who basically rely on the bus service to commute to the city and then back home near Desur on NH 4A are facing the heat as the hoarding placed on the bus shelter makes it impossible for the citizens to use the shelter only.

poltico-hoardingThis bus shelter on the Desur Cross NH 4A is the only bus shelter and all the commuters have to now stand in the scorching sun waiting for the bus. The hoarding actually blocks the entrance of the bus shelter only.

The hoarding of the sitting BJP MLA speaks about the reduction of prices of stent. The placement of this hoarding is such that one cant bend so much and enter the bus shelter and even if one does it he wont come to that the bus has arrived.

The elected representatives must be sensitive and show some sensitivity as to where hoardings are put up. The MLA may not be actually ware of this placement, and we hope after this story it would be removed and the commuters will be able to make use of this bus shelter to save themselves from the sun.

May Common sense prevail.

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  1. Why not some one call BJP office and tell. These work are outsourced. Its somebodys shoddy work. BJP person incharge must have inspected the work. Please raise the hoarding if its legal.


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