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Cancel SP transfer order by Monday or agitation will be intensified

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After the avid show of unity and togetherness by Belgaumites yesterday, today all the office bearers of many organizations met the district in charge minister Umesh Katti and urged him to get the transfer order of SP Sandeep Patil canceled as his services are needed for the city.

Speaking on the occasion, Katti said that, he would put forth this with the chief minister and we believe that a pro people would be taken in time. The minister also said he was happy to see all Belgaumites together for a good cause.

At the meeting it was also told to the minister that if by Monday the transfer order is not canceled then from Tuesday the agitation would be intensified which will include rasta roko and hunger strike.

5 thoughts on “Cancel SP transfer order by Monday or agitation will be intensified”

  1. we must keep the heat on… else the issue will get diluted. These MLA’s are a seasoned lot who get their cut from the all the departments. May be they didn’t get their due share so they transferred the SP.

    AAB please keept the developments posted on your site and the TPB website too. Keep up Belgaum, we will not let this issue fizzle out. NOTHING BUT A TRANSFER REVOKE ORDER, REQUIRED.


  2. For the first time this is mass people movement in belgaum not let by any linguistic groups (MES,KRV) or MP/MLA's . this is true essence of people democracy without leader everyone is fighting for a cause which is good for belgaum.
    Next agitation/dharna bandhs has to be done for the development issues of belgaum to get better road infrastructure/ industries and good job for people in belgaum.

  3. The government is keeping things under wraps. They want to buy time and get the transfer done. Our great politicians are still thinking they can pull a rabbit out of the hat. We will teach them a lesson if they fail to revoke this transfer.

    Down with our netas.

    Jai Hind


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