Candle light vigil and torch rally against central govt. on Sunday 7th dec 2008 @5:30 pm at Chennamma circle

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KRV Belgaum is organizing a candle light vigil for the martyrs who died in the Mumbai attacks and that will be followed by torch rally which will be like a warning to the central government which has been inefficient and incapable in handling terrorism on Sunday 7th December, 2008 at 5:30 pm at Chennamma circle.
 The central government is still in diplomatic dialogues with Pakistan; indirectly the central government is buying time and thinks Indians will forget this issue as always and thing will be the same again.

People are requested not to carry any other flags except for the national tricolor flags.

Please ask all your friends to participate in this; this is just another way to show our solidarity towards those who lost their lives. Many may say it happened there and why this show off here, to all of them, it was Mumbai then and it could be us anytime. At this time no caste, creed or language is a barrier we all need to come up and fight this terrorism.

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