Candle vigil to Stop this shame

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Youngsters and even elderly came together to show their solidarity towards the victim of the Delhi Gang rape.

Two different Candle vigil rallies were organised, one began from Basveshwar Circle and one from Sardars Ground.

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3 thoughts on “Candle vigil to Stop this shame”

  1. It was not only a gang rape but the rape was more Brutal apart from beating the lady. To describe it is very horrific and too ugly to describe. The Rapists should be stoned to death.

  2. Mr Shivanand it is definitely horrific .The following events occurred.

    The girl and her friend entered the bus at approximately 20.00 hrs.
    No passenger was in the bus .The bus was a school bus.
    The bus had curtains which is prohibited by law.
    The girl and her friend were given tickets ???????
    The girls boyfriend was beaten up badly and thrown out.
    The girl was brutally beaten ,ganagraped .
    After the gang rape one of the rapist shoved a rod into the girls vagina ,which passed through the
    uterus ,small and large intestines.
    Initially the four rapist were caught in the Deli Area ,while the remaing two were caught in Uttar pradesh.
    A number of operations were made ,but the girl is battling for life.
    The doctors treating her opine that even if the girl survives ,she is unfit for marriage and lead a married life in view of the uterus being badly damaged.
    This is the most brutal gangrape ever and on hearing this one definitely gets aversion to sex.
    I am not a judge but as a common man feel that the rapists should be definitely be tortured and stoned to death.
    Seeing all the events ,it is necessary that all parents should inculcate the tradition for boys (Sons) to develop respect to the girls from a small age till the adolasence irrespective whether the family has a daughter or not. All the sons in the family should be made aware that a girl is in the form of Mother,Sister,daughter and is not to be viewed as a sex object.
    The Delhi government had tried its best to curb eve teasing in the form of Advertisement campangian, NGO etc,but unfortunately it is not sucessful.
    I would like to mention that my job is transferable any where in India and I was in Delhi for some years ,but presently I am posted at Rae bareli close to Delhi.

  3. The girl just die…this is going to be a sad new year..

    “The patient passed away peacefully at 4:45am on 29 Dec 2012,” a statement from the hospital said. The patient’s family had been by her side, it added.

    The 23-year-old had arrived in Singapore on Thursday after undergoing three operations in a Delhi hospital.

    The attack earlier this month triggered violent public protests in India that left one police officer dead.

    “The patient had remained in an extremely critical condition since admission to Mount Elizabeth Hospital,” a statement from hospital chief executive Kelvin Loh said.

    “She had suffered from severe organ failure following serious injuries to her body and brain. She was courageous in fighting for her life for so long against the odds but the trauma to her body was too severe for her to overcome,” the statement went on.

    “We are humbled by the privilege of being tasked to care for her in her final struggle,” Mr Loh said.


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