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School boy killed as bike skids

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Shivaraj Rajendra Hiremath a Std. 10 of student of St. Xavier’s school was killed as the bike he was traveling skid near ZadShahapur and he died while his friends tried to take him to hospital.

Shivraj was the pillion rider while his friend was driving the bike when he could not control after the bike went through the pot hole and Shivraj fell down from the bike. There were other friends along with them who were going to Asoga for a picnic.

This incident again brings to the forefront, the role parents and guiding their children. As the rider was in school he did not have license, the parents need to look at this more carefully and avoid giving bikes to their children until and unless they hold a valid driving license. 
The other important issue which needs immediate attention is the state of the roads. This stretch from Peeranwadi to ZadShahpur is the worst  ever road with no maintenance at all as it was to be widened. It is nor being widened nor repaired. 

4 thoughts on “School boy killed as bike skids”

  1. I travel Khanapur Belgaum on daily basis, On Khanapur-Belgaum road there are lots of killer potholes, most dangerous ones are:
    1) Near Zhashahpur; just after bad road patch on Right Hand Side from Belgaum to Khanapur.
    2) One just before Desur Cross at the center of the Road, Sometime back they poured a load of red Mud trying to fix it but making it worse..
    3) After Third Gate on Right Hand Side from Belgaum to Khanapur.
    4) About Peeranwadi to ZadShahpur ROAD that whole patch can be considered as a pothole..

    Not sure if they are planning to repair the road or widen it..
    But they definitely are cutting cut trees on both sides of the road with least possible delay..
    Its already done for a stretch of few kms around Nittur cross..

  2. when a general public dose a mistake like not paying his taxes , breaking signals , no parking, or any other thing tht leads to non compliance of law …. the general public is penalized or punished for it ….. but when the govt or the officials don’t do their job they r not penalized or punished for it ,, even if it leads to someones dead, they remain lacx ….

  3. ya in belgaum more than 60% roads are totaly with pot holes , we need concreate roads like bangalore and mangalore or we have to sea more accidents , another news is hubli may get another railway to mumbai but via guntkal its just not fair with belgaum people

    hubli got worldclass railway station and will get BRTS,Mono rail when belgaum see all these things after another century or what ????


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