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Cantonment board removes few hoardings installed in Bungalows

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The Belagavi Cantonment board took down illegal hoardings that have come up in some of the Bungalows in the Cantonment area like Dhramaveer Sambhaji Circle.

Only hoardings that were placed inside the compound walls of the bungalows have been torn apart by the board employees. How ever hoardings on the gutter and road side have not been touched.


The Cantonment board has acted after it was asked to by the higher officials especially on the note that the bungalows were been used for commercial purpose which is not permitted by law.

The officials also asked the residents to stop all business been running in the bungalows as it is not permitted by law.

Majority of the Hoardings fall under the purview of the Cantonment infact one is installed just outside its office which wasn’t removed.

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