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Jail inmate of Hindalga Jail made that threatening call to IGP

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In shocker of an incident it has come to light after investigation that the threatening call and SMS sent to IGP northern range Alok Kumar was sent by an inmate of Hindalga jail identified as Jayesh who is the jail for a murder case which happened at Managluru.

The threat call and SMS was sent to IGP on April 21 at 9.30 PM and after investigation it has come to light that the call and SMS was sent from the Hindalga jail itself and the SIM card was procured from Mangaluru.

So this must be a shock to the police that the inmates of the jail are making use of mobiles so freely and threatening the highest level police officers it self.

alok-kumar-igpOn April 21, at 9.30 pm Alok Kumar’s office number received a called from 7090914584 mobile number. 

The message said –

Salam Wallekum Namaste. This year I will show you who I am. I am m.s.ali Khan naxalite, rdx, AK 56 ,and nitrogen and grenade expert.

2 thoughts on “Jail inmate of Hindalga Jail made that threatening call to IGP”

  1. This is Definately “Security Lapse”, the matter must be Investigated for details.
    Also we came to know that people are Misusing RELIGION IDENTITY by using Fake Names & msgs so that a Particular Community is targetted.
    Such people are Useless for the Society. They should kicked off publically so that no one misuses “Any Religion” and create disturbance in our society.

  2. Such individuals must be shot dead. Zero tolerance. No one dare must do anything such in future.Just because of these criminal minds the rest society thinks everyone belonging to that religion is criminal. I strongly believe no religion teaches such acts. Y on the earth is this Hindu Muslims fights all the time can v not leave peacefully. Can v not stop all of it. Honestly, v all belong to one god though names differ n his teachings are always to follow the truth n do right. not all r at fault just because of these few individuals who create voilence n the rest act on it y don’t u people think on it use your sense try to stop these double standards. Please understand these issues ur not kids anymore to be thought all of these.


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