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Cantonment vehicle entry tax to start in 15 days

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Cantonment vehicle entry tax to start in 15 days

The Vehicle Entry tax on commercial vehicles entering the Cantonment area would begin in 15 days, this was told by the CEO Mr.Razak. The toll has been renamed as “LICENSE FEES” to get away from the Supreme courts judgement.

The contract of collection of the tax has been given to Balaji Enterprises of Ahemadnagar and the said toll/tax would be collected from about 6 places like Military Mahadev, Hindalga Ganpati, Pipeline road Ganeshpur, Cattle road, Amba Bhavan, Fort.

The CEO said that they dont get any financial assistance from the state or the central government hence they need to raise money so that they can provide the services.

The fees would be PER DAY.

In the year 2009-10 the Cantonment made a surplus of Rs.3,32,67,867 and even then it states that it needs more money hence charging the License fees.

There are EXEMPTIONS as well and No VET will be levied on the following vehicles :-

(a) Vehicle belonging to Central / State Government.

(b) Vehicles belonging to Cantonment Board or Municipal Corporation

(c) Vehicles carrying people for funeral.

• Ambulance carrying patients.

• State Transport Buses of Maharashtra Government or any other State


(f) Vehicle deployed on election duty.

(g) Tractors of farmers used solely for agricultural purposes.

(h) Buses carrying school children.


The Cantonment board should advertise and tell exactly how the mechanism of the toll collection will work. As the same has been awarded to a third party they will try to maximize their revenues, but the public should know how much they will need to pay.

The toll fixed for different vehicles are as follows:
Motor bus carrying passengers on hire Rs 20 
Truck for carrying goods Rs 20
Light commercial vehicles  carrying passengers on hire Rs 15 
Three-wheelers/ auto rickshaws/ Tempo for carrying goods Rs 15
Tractor and tailors carrying goods Rs 15
Tempo/ 407 Vehicles carrying passengers Rs.10 

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  1. Bad very Bad 🙁 please think once that how much TAX an Indian citizen is paying???? we pay tax for earning, tax for purchasing.
    if one buy’s a simple thing we pay tax VAT but the same time seller also paid tax for that same thing, tax tax tax and more on this now pay tax to cantonment 🙁 wow great going……… when I was about to go Saudi Arabia people told me their you will not get vegetables, and water. but when actually i came here I seen the fresh vegetables being sold at cheapest rates than India and water is so pure and 24×7 at every place and more on no TAX for anything. Imagine here in desert nothing grow’s but still here everything is available at lower rates. as in our India everything grow’s but we dont get anything good quality nor good price. feeling very bad of my own country now.

    • wow! you are made for saudi arabia. enjoy your life there.

      but can you worship your God in public there? do you have the freedom to criticise and choose your government there? can the women in your family wear the dress of their choice always? do you get all the life that the locals enjoy there?

      does the govt there have to support millions of poor and cater to the needs of thousands of slums?

      c’mon friend! get real. there are taxes every where. toll is collected all over the world. saudi arabia and uae may be slightly different today. but once they finish off their petroleum reserves, then see for yourself.

      its better to lead a tough life at home with full freedom than living like a second class citizen abroad.


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