Car Drivers fasten your Seat belts in Belagavi now

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Car drivers in Belagavi were hardly seen making use of the seat belts, but today all of a sudden the traffic Cops are now checking the use of seat belts and have commenced to fine such violators.  Before you rev up the car engine into life, make sure you wear the seat belt, or cough up a fine of Rs 100.

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Wearing of seat belts is compulsory but the rule was never implemented in cities like Belagavi but from today the Traffic police have started to stop Cars and fine drivers for not wearing seat belts.

Wearing seat belts helps reduce head injuries during accidents.


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  1. And in city limits with hapzard parking and bad roads does wearing seat belt matters? One can observe the absence of traffic cops at all major junctions like sanman, bogarves , first gate etc during peak hours. If the cops are deputed at major junctions it would ensure smooth traffic . Instruct all the education instutions to provide parking space for their students so that the roads are free .

  2. While fining the non compliant of this rule,the police should instruct Civic authorities to make good roads and do not allow road side parking particularly on the college road. I wish the police be vigilant about this during office hours..


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