Your car is not KA registered so Parking fee is 30 at Boagrves

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In what can be seen as a first in the country, the Cantonment Parking contractor at Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle today charged a citizen Rs.30 saying your car is not registered in Karnataka. The actual parking fee as per the board put up is Car Rs.20 per car for 4 hours; Car Rs.10 per car for 2 hours.

An online complaint was made regarding excess charging of parking fees and the Cantonment board had given strict instructions to the contractor to charge as per the approval, but it looks like those boards are just for show off and the contractors are charging as per their will which is very disheartening.

30 Handwritten on the parking ticket

Today a citizen parked his UP passing car and he was handed over a parking ticket which mentioned 20 for 4 hours but he wrote 30 on it by hand and demanded 30 as this car was not KA registered.

After a lot of heated discussions the citizen handed over rs.20 only and said take it or leave it.  If he had not fought he would have paid more. 

Now where is this RULE, that parking for a non KA registered car is more ?
The contractor seems to be doing merry by charging more and citizens are been looted and the Cantonment is not taking any action which surprising.

After we had published the story in November, 2017 the matter was also taken up at the Cantonment meeting once and now the Contractor has been strictly told to adhere to the tender prices or else he will have to cough up huge fines.

Baird displaying the parking fee

From 21-12-2017 the contract has been awarded to Universal security agency and the said contractor has been strictly warned to adhere to the norms laid.

The outgoing contractor also has been fined Rs.8000 for violating the tender norms and charging extra.

Why is this happening even after repeated complaints to the Cantonment ?

Now will the Cantonment act on this or sit upon such complaints ?

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