CAUTION: Belagavi is under Construction

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There was huge bump and sound which made me realize I am nearing Belagavi near the KLE hospital, it was a sigh of relief to reach the home town and with such a bumping welcome, it was time to get down at Belagavi the city which is under construction.

Yes! The entire city is under construction, thanks to the Smart city mission and the smart officials who have planned it in such a smart way that about 10-15 smart road works are in progress at the same time and none are complete.

This year the rain gods showed their fury which washed away the little tarmac that was laden on the so-called well-laid tarmac roads of the city.
Now you name one road which has not potholes (congress road does not have but does have some bumps as it was white-topped).

white-toppingMandoli road must be handed over to UNESCO and convert it into a heritage site where for over 30 months a 2 km stretch of road is not made. God knows why smart people cant make one motor-able road of anything but make it motorable.

mandoli-roadWe have HESCOM, Smart City digging for laying UG cables and then the Megha Gas for gas pipelines, and yes don’t forget the water pipe and the water board’s Drainage pipes all over the city.

Many would say why crib then, the city is getting better and there will be a period when there will be trouble for citizens.

True, citizens’ money is been spent on the white topping, decorative lamps and what not but the common man is not able to get one good steady ride on the roads.

Some citizens on their own have started to fill the potholes in their area so that they can commute safely.

Most of the roads are to be white-topped and hence those huge potholes are now ignored by the PWD and City corporation as they can save that much funds as the same will have to be spent by the Smart city mission.
The third gate RoB is also under construction which has loads of dirt on the road now, again “Kuch Pane ke Liye Kuch Khona Padta hai”.
The city will be in this under-construction mode for the next 2-4 years, so brace yourselves and drive safe.

Work in Progress:

Congress road, Mandoli Road, KPTCL Road, Sri nagar, Ramteerth Nagar, Mahatma Phule Road, SPM road, Auto Nagar, Cantonment Vegetable Market, Third Gate Road Over Bridge, Railway Station building, Central Bus stand, city Bus stand, Fort Lake, Ashok Nagar road, KSCA ground front and backside, Ramteerth nagar KEB station road, Kanabargi lake road, Jijamata Chowk to Sangolli Rayana Circle, Laying of pavers in Maratha colony, M G Colony, SV colony, Cariappa Colony, Shastri Nagar and many of the Nagars where Drainage pipeline work and Gas pipe line work is going on.


8 thoughts on “CAUTION: Belagavi is under Construction”

  1. Truly explained. This is the situation. I am traveling daily from Vidyanagar’ Bauxite Road, Road is in so worst condition that every time I am dreaming that I will be in a fracture hospital.

    Really worst.

  2. Shameless officials.
    Concerned authorities informed to take necessary action. If not would initiate legal action against them.
    They don’t have respect for law and order situation also.

  3. Belagavi is under construction, Yes needed but why both ways at a time? One side is under construction, the other side is scratched in such a way that two wheeler riders loose control on vehicles.Is this needed…?

  4. No thinking, no planning, no coordination, only destruction seems to surround Belgavi city. How many years it has been since the announcement of Belgavi to become a smart city? Yes, it has been dragging on for awhile due to mismanagement of project handlers. While other smart cities in India progressed very well but our loved city Belgavi is in shambles . Is there any person out there to improve our city? Belgavi citizens need to come out in unity to voice our frustration and demand that we want to have safe and beautiful city that one would invite people in rather than scare them out!

  5. The government has destroyed our beautiful city. It so very hurts. People wake up raise ur voice to secure the city. We don’t need any such senseless dumb officials working to destroy our beautiful city and fill their pockets with our hard-earned taxes. We aren’t paying the taxes to destroy the city u get that clear. The Entire Government is filled with dumb officials it’s such a shame.


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