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Shri Basveshwar RoB would be closed for a few days for repairs

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The new built Road over Bridge at Gogte circle named Shri Basveshwar RoB which has come up in lieu of the 110-year-old British built bridge was inaugurated on December 25, 2018, and now within in 11 months, the SWR will undertake repairs of the same.

The SWR has written to the police that they need to close one side of the carriageway to carry on the repair works. Hence they have requested that one side be closed for traffic and one carriageway can be used for two way traffic until the repairs are completed.

Since the bridge was made open to the public there were issues with the bridge as some part of the bridge near the girders had sunk in.

Temporary filling up was taken up but that was done in a very shabby manner and now the mud seems to have sunk in a bit more.

gogte-rob-newHence urgent repairs will be required along with regular maintenance like the painting of the girders would also be taken up.

Already the city is in under construction mode with many roads blocked for white topping and now once the police grant the permission there could be more traffic jams here as well.

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