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CCB is looking for 25 acres of land for Solid Waste Project

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The Belagavi City Corporation is currently planning a new project to effectively process solid waste within Belagavi city. To facilitate this project, the Corporation intends to acquire 20 to 25 acres of land through lease or outright purchase. Individuals who own land measuring 20 or 25 acres in or near the city are encouraged to contribute their land for the project, for which they will be duly compensated at the prevailing rates. Commissioner Ashok Dudagunti emphasized today that the municipality is committed to acquiring the land at a reasonable rate.

During a recent review meeting, Guardian Minister Satish Jarkiholi and Women Child Welfare Minister Lakshmi Hebbalkar engaged in a thorough discussion regarding the solid waste project. Both ministers announced their intention to initiate four new projects aimed at processing solid waste within the city.

The new project will be established in accordance with the Solid Waste Management rules of 2016, with the primary objective of alleviating the burden on the Turmuri Garbage Depot. The Turmuri project, which commenced in 2006, faced significant opposition from local residents. Consequently, a composting project was initiated in its place, operated jointly by Ramky Enviro and the CCB. A 20-year contract has been signed for this project, which will expire soon.


Under the terms of the agreement, the corporation will provide the company with 250 tons of waste per day. However, the quantity of waste generated in the coming days is anticipated to increase to approximately 300 to 400 tons per day.

As the contract with the company is nearing expiration, the corporation intends to commence operations at a new waste treatment plant before the contract concludes.

This new waste treatment plant will be operational on a daily basis within the city.

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