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68% deficit Rainfall in June 2023

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By uday

Belagavi is currently experiencing a severe downturn in terms of the Monsoons. This year, only a few pre-monsoon showers have graced the city, and the district has not seen any significant rainfall at all. It has been over 10 days since the start of the monsoon season, yet we have only witnessed a few brief periods of heavy showers, which is incredibly disappointing.

For the past two weeks, the weather has remained cloudy with occasional drizzles, but there has been a complete absence of substantial rainfall. Consequently, water scarcity has become a pressing issue, and many villages in the district, as well as parts of the city, now rely on water tankers for their supply.

According to the data provided by the KSNMDC, in June 2023, Belagavi received a mere 47 mm of rainfall, significantly below the average of 146 mm, resulting in a deficit of 68%.

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When comparing the South West monsoon from June 1st to July 3rd, 2023, there is a staggering 62% deficit in rainfall. Belagavi Taluka is facing an 84% deficit, just slightly better than Kagwad, which has an 89% deficit. Khanapur, on the other hand, is experiencing a 58% deficit.

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Due to the minimal rainfall in the catchment areas of the reservoirs, most of them have reached their dead storage levels.

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