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CCB undertakes drive against Basements

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The city corporation of Belagavi today all of a sudden began their basement drive to free them for parking and hence solving the parking issue in the city.

The drive began from Ramdev Galli corner where they had a JCB and started to demolish the entry if the same was blocked. In some places the basement was stored with scrap which the CCB team brought out and asked the owners to use it for parking only.

On Nana Shankar Sheth Marg (Khade Bazar) the JCB started to dig the closed pathways which lead to the basement but were either closed or shops have been set up.


At this moment the shop owners called in Anil Benake who came and asked why are they destroying the property. They can seal the basement if it is illegal.

Hearing of the drive other basement owners from other parts of city gathered at Khade bazar. Later from there they shifted to Ramdev Galli, Maruti galli and then to College road.


In Khade Bazar MLA Feroz Sait was very angry with the attitude of the CCB staff and asked them who gave them the right to demolish, the basement can be sealed but you not damage ones property.

All roads leading to the city were blocked due to this and business was totally affected as many shops were closed in protest.


Some shop owners said our side of the basement was empty and we use it for parking on the other side the building developer has made shops which they have nothing to do with. The CCB staff also broke a gate made of a basement which was being used for parking only but had a gate.



The basement as per law has to be used for parking only but in most cases shops have been set up. Many a times the basement drive was not successful even after giving many dates

4 thoughts on “CCB undertakes drive against Basements”

  1. All buildings should be compilant as per permission plans submitted to corporation. And if the space is shown in the plan as ermarked for parking then it should be followed irrespective of whoever owns the building. Belgaum is a beautiful city we need to maintain it for that such small changes and inconvinences we should be ready to face.

  2. Education institutions on college road not providing parking for students inspite having ample space in their premises because of which they are forced to park on road which is leading to congestion . Whether traffic police or district administration can take strict action?

    • Boss how about the students, most of them who are under 18years and getting vehicles, is it legal and you expect the institution s to provide parking….

  3. Something has to be done for traffic congestion and parking. Leaders should come forward and explain the things to the people rather than stopping the work.


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