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A Unique Gift after Death – Pacemaker donated

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In a first of its kind gesture, family of Late Madhukar S Khasnis age 87 years of Khanapur donated Heart Pacemaker to Dr Prabhu Halkati and BHS Lakeview Heart Centre after his death.

Pacemaker is an expensive device that is implanted surgically into the patients body. It works for about 10 years to control the rhythm of the heart. Shri Madhukar had a pacemaker costing about Rs 75000 implanted about 6 months ago by Dr Halkati. He died at his home at Khanapur on 5th July due to other health problems at the age of 87 years.


The big hearted family of Shri Madhukar made the brave decision to ask doctors from Lakeview Heart Centre to come home and remove the pacemaker implant from his body before cremation. The team of doctors went to Khanapur and surgically removed the pacemaker. This will be re-sterilized and will be implanted free of cost to a needy patient.

In this age of organ donations, its a unique gesture to donate a man-made implant as well and should be greatly appreciated.

Dr Prabhu Halkati, Dr Amrut Nerlikar and management of BHS LAKEVIEW HOSPITAL thank the family of Late Sri Madhukar for this kind gesture.


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  1. Hi.Im from the Philippines
    MY mom need a pacemaker we dont have enough money to buy it.hope you can help us.thanks.GOD bless us all


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