CCEA approves doubling of railway line from Pune to Bengaluru


The Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs, chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has approved construction of six Railway Lines and a Railway bridge to cater to both increased passenger and freight needs in various areas of the country.
Entire route from Pune-Miraj-Hubballi-Bengaluru has been identified for doubling which will not only improve smooth flow of traffic but also boost overall development of the region.

This stretch is part of an important rail link of passenger trains between Mumbai and Bangalore and goods trains to the ports at Mangalore. On this route, doubling between Bangalore-Tumkur and Arsikere-Chickajur have already been completed. On balance portion, doubling work between Hubli-Londa part of Hubli-Londa-Vasco-da-Gama, is also in progress.




  1. What about the line from Belgaum to Dharwad via Kittur? A long pending demand.
    There is no point in destroying Forest near Londa.

  2. New lines between Belgaum – Dharwad and Davangere – Tumkur is a must and will reduce traffic and travel time immensely…

  3. I Completely agree with C K Bedre sir. From Belgaum to Dharwad it took 3 hours Via Khanapur Londa. Direct from Belgaum to Dharwad lines should be taken place. It will reduce in time of Journey and also cost of journey.

  4. what about belgaum dharwad railway line ? dont know why giving so much importance to Hubli-londa-Belgaum line? No need of doubling line there. As per current scanario already mining banned by Supreme court. So instead of making doubling of londa hubli give priority to Belgaum Dharwad line.

  5. As compare to south karnataka north Karnataka has not good rail connectivity. So please complete as early the sanctioned projects, connect the Hyderabad Karnataka region to Mumbai Karnataka region by rail network. Start direct train between Bijapur guntakal junction. Complete early kudachi bagalkot railway line it will boost the economy of Belgaum-bagalkot sugar belt . Don’t consider the development of Hubli only also think about Bijapur – bagalkot district development in this regard.

  6. Good decision . Pune to Bangalore , traffic is very good . Lots of buses and trucks ply using imported oil , increasing pollution etc . Hope Electrification is also planned so that pollution is minimum . This was long standing demand of Commuters which hopefully would be fulfilled . Along with this if they could take new Railway line along road between Hubli and Belgaum , that would be great !


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