Narendra Modi’s Farmers Rally could be held at Angadi College

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi would address a farmers rally in Belagavi on February 27 as part of efforts to create awareness about his government’s pro-farmer initiatives, including new crop insurance scheme.

modi belgaumInitially the Belagavi BJP had fixed CpEd ground for the rally but with the number of anticipated members at the rally the police asked the organisers to search for an alternate venue as it would create a lot of traffic chaos as many roads leading to the venue will have to be shut which will cause a lot of inconvenience to the citizens at large.
Sources said that the police have visited Angadi Institute of Technology and management on Savgaon road but the same has not yet been announced.

The rally would be the third in the series of ‘Kisan Sammelans’ planned country-wide. The other two would be held in Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.

3 thoughts on “Narendra Modi’s Farmers Rally could be held at Angadi College”

  1. The main goal of the rally has to address critical issues of farmers rather than Political rally.
    If FARMERS are the main Guests and their issues are taken seriously then definitely it will be a success or else if this rally has only tons of words in speeches on the stage & nothing in action, then definitely it will be useless.
    Because there is a proverb : “He who speaks more & more has the habit of doing nothing”.
    Lets wait & see the Result.

    • Dear Sir ,

      At least our H’ble Prime Minister is attempting to do something for our framers as there are only going to be 8 rallies in India and Bgm is among one of them , and even a team from center is going to visit Bgm to get the exact situation on ground of our farmers . Hope that the newly launched Crop Insurance Scheme ( Insurance ) will benefit our farmers .
      Hope for the the Best .

  2. Hello Madhav sir,
    You don’t knew what’s going on this system about “Kalasa Banduri” strick, if u have any friend in Navalgund- Naragund or Hubli-Dharwad ask them they will explain u about our Modi sir how he will response our Indian peoples., Those area farmers are doing strick, may be nearly 1 year completed, they are already given notice to dharwad district collector, MLA, CM and also our PM Modi sir also, but no use so they did strick in front of Modi but what he did, Nothing but only did Lati Charge from police. Onething sir in Goa state there rolling BJP government so Modi sir supporting that CM only.
    Madhav sir, U also knew about one of Modi sir, He doing foreign toure becoz he can’t sit in Delhi office becoz there is Kezriwala government.., and also doing as our India as a Market. And also increased more income tax that’s also effective of middle class families…, Modi sir is not doing work, he selling our india to other countries.., We don’t want this type of uneducated persons as our leader u want educated leader…, plz try to pass this one and also motivate our Indian to get good educated person as our leader as Kezriwala type…


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