Central team visits flood-hit villages

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A Central study team, led by Prakash, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, toured Belagavi district on Sunday and assessed the damage to crops and property, caused by the recent floods. The seven-member team will also visit other flood-hit districts soon.

They went around villages near Gokak, Raybag, Ramdurg, Kagwad, Chikkodi and other affected areas. They held a meeting with local officers, during which they were apprised of the magnitude of the floods and the estimated damage. The district administration also organised a photo exhibition on the flood at the Circuit House.

ct-floodAddressing the media at Shedabal in Kagwad taluk, Shri Prakash, also the joint secretary to Ministry of Home Affairs, said, The government has said that the six-affected districts have suffered heavy losses. The situation is precarious in several flood-hit areas.
Once the State government’s report on crop loss reaches the Centre, the dates of the next visit will be fixed.

Meanwhile, the state government on Saturday told the IMCT that the state has incurred losses over Rs 30,000 crore in the recent floods.

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  1. Ever since the floods in Karnataka had washed away everything in Their livelihood,the centre government still has not released single penny that is emergency fund for the public for rehabilitation, it is the citizens of Karnataka are helping the victims,what is the hell of Home ministry and finance ministry aerial survey resulted,is it the waste of public money for the aerial survey, I must remind to our Great Prime minister Mr. Narendra modiji,don’t take it as granted Karnataka, we know how to send 25 MPs and we also know How to make it as single digit,Mr. Modi you do FOREIGN Trip when your people are suffering from natural disasters, you could not attend the funeral of your close cabinet minister when he died,was it the policy,it does not looks good,WHAT IS THE FATE OF OUR ECONOMY MR.MODI.HOW THE HEAVY RESERVE FUND OF RBI TRANSFER TO GOVERNMENT BUDGET,WE ARE IN A STATE OF FINANCIAL DISTRESS AND CRUNCH.THE CITIZENS OF OUR COUNTRY MUST ANSWER IT.


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