RFID tag to track waste collection – Smart City

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First published April 26, 2019

The Belagavi Smart City Limited has in a significant move to improve the efficiency of door-to-door collection and transportation of solid waste. The BSCL has decided to introduce radio frequency identification (RFID) tag system and has commenced installing them in a few areas already in Belagavi city.

The tags are nailed on the entrance of the door and have been done in areas like Bhagaya Nagar already.

Under the system, households will be fixed with chip embedded RIFD tags that contain an integrated circuit and antenna to transmit data to the RFID reader. Similarly, sanitary workers, who visit their respective wards to collect garbage from households, will be provided with RIFD reader and also the dumper will have one. It becomes active when the garbage collectors visit households to collect domestic waste.

rifd-tags smart city belagaviThe RFID reader records various data including quantum of collection, date and time of collection, household coverage and others. Information collected from the RFID tags is then transferred to the host computer system or control room and the data is stored in a database for analysis.

The authorized persons, who have access to the control room or host computer, can monitor the progress of garbage collection on a real-time basis. Based on the data, he can command the concerned sanitary workers to do specific tasks.

This system when in place will be monitored from the Command center at Vishveshwaraya Nagar.


5 thoughts on “RFID tag to track waste collection – Smart City”

  1. Good initiative

    What about the unaccounted collections which are happening by these garbage contractors …I hope now this initiative should bring down the unaccounted collection of garbage contractors which as per my estimate may be around 25 crores +per year from people of bgm

  2. One more step towards better governance & management. Good. Swach Bharat Abhiyan really working on ground & over a period of time gradually the country will be cleaner. PM Modi has really brought in the awareness in every Indian, of keeping his neighbourhood & surroundings clean.
    But one question remains. What about the processing of this waste, other it will be a major health hazard for people living around the dump yard. The concerned authorities should look at Smart City project in Indore for waste processing management, as Indore was declared the cleanest city in India just recently.

  3. One more very important aspect of waste disposal is education of all citizens about importance of waste disposal and waste segregation. Segregation has to start from each household. The garbage collection teams should also gather them in separate sections.

    The concerned bodies should also address electronic waste disposal.

    Composting of food and organic waste has to be encouraged.

    All these measures will go a long way in protection of the environment. Also the concept of polluter pays should be considered and implemented.

    I’m only sharing my views.

  4. First thing is to educate people . Those who are in habit of tossing garbage on streets should be caught and punished, otherwise this high-tech and expensive projects are wasted time and money. Common sense prevails. Make Belgavi as the livable city not the city of dump.

  5. Corporation people are so pathetic that the sweeper women collect dirt at one place and no one comes to collect and what happens is that a lot of people throw thier waste there and it keeps growing.. This should stop and this women should be treated with heavy punishment!!


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