Chain snatching incidents on the rise

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Two Motorcycle-borne men robbed a 17 grams gold chain from a woman from the busy Samadevi Galli yesterday. The incidents of chain snatching are on the rise and the police has not been able to stop this menace. In another incident a 40 grams chain was snatched in Srinagar.

Almost for the past week each day atleast 2 cases have been registered of chain snatching in the past week.

Earlier such incidents were reported from Hinwadi, Mahantesh Nagar, and other suburbs but now in the main market such incidents of chain snatching are occurring and the police is still clueless.
On Thursday two reports were filed of Chain snatching.

The modus Operandi seems to straight, two men on a motorbike with helmets come across snatch the chain from the back and flee away. Sometimes the bikers ask for an address and snatch the chain.

2 thoughts on “Chain snatching incidents on the rise”

  1. Is it not Day light robbery?? What has happened to Belgaum and specially the youths who are involved in these activities ?
    Parents are responsible for Not keeping a watch on their children.

  2. Every chain snatcher is attached with Jewellers, after the snatching do you think they wear it? And if they are caught, does the ornament owner gets it


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