Owners to get time to make payments of defaulted Property tax

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In a meeting held today, district in charge minister Satish Jarkhiholi said that the owners will have to pay property tax of the current in full and the defaulted property tax if earlier years must be paid 35% now and the balance 65% in 60 days time. IMG_5240

The harassment of the city corporation with regards to property tax will not occur hence forth. 

It may be recalled that the city corporation was on a special drive to collect the property tax and had also sealed premises for defaulting on making payments of the same 

2 thoughts on “Owners to get time to make payments of defaulted Property tax”

  1. This is typical of Our Government. Why defaulters should be given time to pay taxes? They should be penalised and a heavy penalty should be taken from them. I feel IF YOU ARE A DEFAULTER YOU GET REWARDED.
    Shame on the systems and so called office bearers of various organizations who support this cause..


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