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Chain Snatching Irani Gang gets Life sentence

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Venkatesh Naik First additional sessions awarded life imprisonment for all the 6 members of the Irani Gang involved in Chain Snatching.

Mohammad Irani, Shaharukha Shaikh, Abbas Irani, Haider Irani, Rafiq Shaikh and Saleem Shaikh were sentenced for life imprisonment for 5 cases, another 30 odd cases still have to get a judgment.

The gang had snatched 33 chains in 2015, targeting women and elderly who would go for morning walks.

Irani-gangThis gang has its roots in Maharashtra and they used to use stolen bikes and cars for the crime.

The then Police Commissioner S Ravi had formed a special team to nab the gang. The team led by the then Malmaruti police station PSI B R Gaddekar achieved a crucial breakthrough.

The gang was stopped at Srinagar and the police opened fire at them when one of the accused threw stones at the police. While one was shot in his leg, two others tried to run away but were arrested later.

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