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Names of Directors of Belagavi smart city limited

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The Govt of Karnataka has announced the list of nominations for the post of Chairman and directors of Belagavi smart city limited the special purpose vehicle created for the implementation of the Smart city project.

Belagavi Smart city proposal

Rakesh Singh IAS, District In-charge Secretary Chairman
Ponnuraj Veluswamy, IAS – MD (KUIDFC)Director
Dr. Vishal Ravi, IAS- Director Directorate of Municipal Administration Director
Dr. Ravishankar J, IAS – MD KUWSDBDirector
M P Mullai Muhilan IAS Managing Director
Ramamurthy Prem Anand, DS (Coord) – Min of Urban Development – New Delhi Director nominated by Min of Urban Development
Sarita Patil – Mayor BelagaviDirectors nominated by Belagavi City Corporation
Sashidhar Kurer IAS – Commissioner Belagavi City CorporationDirectors nominated by Belagavi City Corporation


0 thoughts on “Names of Directors of Belagavi smart city limited”

  1. Good that no politicians are as directors lets see what the IAS officiers shall do now.They need to be tested on agility. Strategic steps and excellent eco friendly infrastructure. The most needed is flyovers from end to end of the city for heavy vehicles and many more in the pipeline.

  2. A RING ROAD WOULD DEVELOP A CITY MORE THAN STUPID FLYOVERS. Belgaum is a vertical .. make it all over … pls for gods sake .

  3. What about involving eminent citizens of the city? Great that the politicians are kept at bay, but remember IAS and other bureaucrats are rotating members. For them this city is just another posting before they are transferred or promoted.

  4. Experience with government suggests little outcome. It shall be grand functions and hype and more charges from common man. Leave us alone.

  5. Such nominated members have no personal attachment to this city. Please call up local s who are ready to work without any expectation.


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