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Chandrashekhar Iti covers 3200 kms on cycle doing Narmada Parikrama


Chandrashekhar ItiChandrashekhar Iti resident of Belgaum who is 61 years Young & will complete a 3200 KMs long cycle expedition today at Omkareshwar, MP.
He is on the final day of this cycle expedition which he started from Omkareshwar, MP on the 28th Jan 2014. In Hindu & Buddhist mythological belief ‘Narmada Parikrama’ holds great importance. Narmada Parikrama is circumnavigating the Narmada River all along its periphery without ever crossing the River. Narmada river passes through 3 Indian states namely Gujarat, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh. A total of 3200 KM is being covered in this expedition in 28 days & that’s about 120 KMs on an average every day. Another 4 members from Pune along with Mt.Iti decided to take this expedition after they were impressed by ‘Narmade Har’ a book written by Mr. Jagannath Kunte on his memoirs of Narmada Parikrama that he completed bare foot.

Completing Narmada Parikrama on foot would have taken longer & considering all 5 of them have personal & professional commitments to attend, they decided to complete Narmada Parikrama by cycle. They were practicing regularly for almost a year before they actually began the expedition. Also, all through the Parikrama they never carried any food or made any stay arrangements as the belief of Narmada Parikrama is that Narmada Maiyya (Narmada Goddess) will take care of all their needs, and that’s what really happened. They were offered food & shelter even before they asked from the residents staying along the bank of river Narmada, they did not miss a single meal in 28 days which only makes the belief stronger.

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He will reach Belgaum on the 27th Feb.



  1. आदरणीय मैं नर्मदा माँ की साईकल से परिक्रमा करना चाहता हु। कृपया मार्गदर्दर्शन दे।

  2. Congratulate,
    I would like to have Narmada Parikrama by Foot along with river Bank in 2016 for 5 months.
    After the Darshan of Mahakaleshwar,Ujjain,Puja of Ma Narmada will be performed at Onkareshwar on Kartik Purnima ie on15-11-2016.Then I will go head for Prikrama.
    Is there anybody who is having interest for Narmada Parikrama by Foot along with river Bank?
    Kindly contact.

    • great for completing parikrama in this age Proud of you an inspiration for all of us…congratulations…

  3. Dear Sir, Many congratulations on completing an amazing expedition.Hats off to your commitment and desire at this “young” age.I am very proud of you !!!! You inspire us….
    Rahul Phadke

  4. You deserve lot of appreciation . You are a very simple person with loving heart ! That is the reason you have achieved this . May God bless you always and forever !!!!!!!!

    Manohar Watave

  5. Congratulations dear Chandrumama for successfully completed ‘Narmada Parikrama’. We all are proud of you. Eagerly waiting for your arrival at Belgaum. May the almighty shower his blessings always & wish you all the best for your future endevours.


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