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Chaos in City after stone pelting in various areas

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Stone pelting in various areas like College road, Camp, RPD. Udyambag.

Sec 144 imposed in Tilakwadi.
This has happened after the injured Feroz Pathan (22) died today. There was a personal clash in Angol last night

Cars were pelted with stones and the police did not do anything the vehicle owners said in Camp.

Stone pelted on Showcases on College road Belgaum

All shops in the main market are also closed. The situation is tensed.
Please do not heed any rumors the miscreants will be caught the Police has said.

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2 thoughts on “Chaos in City after stone pelting in various areas”

  1. Catch the people who pleted stone, Round them from KLE hospital to Angol on their nicker (chadi) by walk take a snap of them and paste it all around the road. This would be best punshiment rather then sendingthem to JAIL….


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