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Belgaum city tensed -why is the police not taking action

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After the death of a youth who was injured in a scuffle related to selling of Ganja in Angol on Wednesday night, some miscreants took Belgaum city on a rampage and pelted stones on whatever they saw right from KLE hospital to Angol. Major stone pelting occurred on College road where almost all shops now have broken glasses. It was a mob of 10-12 bikers who did the stone pelting and the police were mute spectators.
Prohibitory orders under sec 144 have been imposed in the entire city now.
On Wednesday night Feroz Pathan (22) was stabbed after he had a scuffle over some issue in Angol. He succumbed to his injuries today afternoon. There were plastic glasses, liquor found nearby where he was lying bleeding.belgaum-stone2 belgaum-stone3 belgaum-stone4

After his death was confirmed at KLE the police turned the same into a fortress with heavy police presence but the miscreants started to pelt stones from there and went upto Angol.

It is estimated that more than 30 cars were damaged. (not official figure).
After this news the main market also shut down quite early by 6.30 pm.
Later BJP leaders, MP Suresh Angadi, Prabhakar Kore and leaders from other organisations sat for a dharna at Dharmveer Sambhaji chowk. They were demanding that the culprits be arrested and then only they will vacate the place.
DC N Jayram did arrive and assured of action but the protesters did not heed to his words and continued the protest until the culprits were arrested.
People said the police were a mute spectator and did not act at all.
If the mob on bikes were pelting stones why wasnt they stopped by the police at a later stage?
Werent the CCTV cameras working?

Weren’t the wireless systems working? If the miscreants pelted stones and were going forward why is that the police could not stop them and arrest them?
The sequence of pelting stones has been recorded in many CCTV cameras of the shops as well and also the ones installed by the Police why this police inaction and why is that Belgaum is made communally sensitive when in reality the cause has nothing to communal sentiments.
We must all pray that may the Lord grant them wisdom and help the Belagumites live a peaceful life.

9 thoughts on “Belgaum city tensed -why is the police not taking action”

  1. Why dharna…They are elected members of belgaum.Its more effective if they would have done it infront off commissioner office, SP office, DC office

  2. हा कदाचित पूर्वनियोजित हल्ला होता. ओवर ब्रिज वरून आम्ही शहराकडे येत होता सर्व वाहने ब्रिज वर अडकून पडली होती. अचानक साधारण १०० मोटारसायकल पलीकडून आल्या दिसेल त्या गाडी वर दगधेक करीत होत्या. एका इंडिगो मध्ये एक जोडपे अत्यंत भायावास्तेत बसले होते त्यांनी तुफान दगड फेक केली. समोरच्या बस वर सुद्धा. गुंडाच्या मागून पोलिसाची गाडी काही हाकेच्या अंतरावर होती. ते आपण त्या गावाचे नव्हेच अशा अविर्भावात होते. पोलीस wireless वरून संदेश पाठवून शहापूर कडून कुमुक बोलावू शकले असते. पण त्यांच्या super vision खालीच हे चालले आहे असे वाटत होते. मुंबईच्या हुतात्मा चौकातील हैदोसाची आठवण झाली.

  3. Its a SHAME , As BGM inet’s are peace loving people …. something like this is not 2 b tolerated it has been decade’s since the riot’s seriously took place i remember when i was a Kid it was horrible as i lived in a Marathi Galli … 2 b Very honest .. nobody want’s this nonsense .. I have friends of all religion’s .. i live with them i eat with them enjoy their festive’s dance with them , call their sisters my sister’s their mother .. as Aye or Maa !! that is the bonding it’s purely HUMAN !!!. we are @ harmony !! some few rouge elements create this nonsense … !! 4 their mileage !!!……………………………… it’s really a Pity !! How come these elements do this arent they 2 HUMAN or something else .. Grief 4 the soul departed……… NNNO !!!.. I dont want BGM in New’s for this SHIt.. 2day’s Paper carried the GOOD new’s of the Sensor’s were designed and Built for the Satellite Mangalyaan in Belgaum.. in the morning .. in the Evening This SHIT !!!!!!! GOD Save Belgaum from this !!!! or rather GOD BLESS BGM !!

  4. This is the time for some action to be taken from the government n cops… Dear politicians v bgm ppl have given u votes n elected u to be our representatives now u all r so influential ppl, so can’t u use ua power to take action against the ppl who r behind these riots… If u can’t handle these then u r not fit to be oua representative plz sit in home…

  5. Cong**ss government, which is responsible for law and order in the state, is continuing its trend of appeasing minorities. As simple as that. The polity and administration should be separated from the religious threads. It is only then that the law and order will be observed to establish peace for the goodness of one and all.

  6. Is that rage or someone permits the miscreants to harm the people whereas cops keeps watching rather than to take action? If it is only a scuffle just over an issue, then why we take in as a communal chaos?

  7. Such a sad thing ,.. I really dont understand why the Police cant stop this. These guys who throw stones should be beaten badly. The smallest of the incident goes wild just because of these loosers who throw stones. I mean how dare they do that, and during day time, that too in front of police. Its like they can do anything and no one can stop them. Something is seriously wrong.

  8. One big brick was thrown on my car,while I was driving from Khanapur Road,towards R.P.D.Cross, I was shocked and some how I drove my car towards R.P.D.Cross,where few police were standing . When I asked them why are you not stopping these people ? coolelly they asnwered we are traffice police and cant do anything. I think they should have stopped there atleast so that further damage would not have been occured.


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