Chaotic traffic as main roads closed for traffic due to white topping

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Major main roads in the city are closed for White topping (concrete) and now the chaos is getting bigger and bigger as some major roads have been blocked for the same.

For instance, the College road is now blocked for traffic since a week from Rani Chennamma circle to Dharmveer Sambahji Circle now. One carriageway is totally blocked and the other has two-way traffic.

There is a diversion from the Globe circle for HTV which is causing a nightmare for the children from school.
Many parents said are the authorities waiting for something serious to happen after which they will act. Allowing HTV to pass through when the school leaves or start is creating a sense of fear in the minds of the parents. St.Paul’s and St. Joseph’s Convent are the two schools that are facing this grave issue.

While on College road MVM school and Vanita Vidyalaya are facing a similar issues where only one carriageway is working two ways the children are finding it difficult to cross over.

college-roadTo add to all this pandemonium blocking Dr.Rajendra Prasad Circle at the junction of Samadevi Galli and College road is causing a major hindrance for commuters who have come to the city and now don’t find a way to come out.
There are no boards or signages which mention that the road is blocked, people go up to the circle and then find it barricaded and then turn around. A biker can turn around the car face huge difficulty as they will have to go via Godhanhalli Galli, Sardars Ground, Chennamma Circle and on to college road or via Club road.

The only authorized car parking is in Bapat Galli, cars which come in the face a hard time to make their way out. Their only chance heading south would be Ansurkar galli, Ramlingkhind Galli. If you are somewhere in Khade Bazar then, take Huns Talkies road, Kadolkar Galli, Ansurkar Galli.

This is been done under Smart city it seems, but where is the smartness. No signage of road is blocked ahead which can save them the fuel, the price which is at its peak now.

Where is the smartness in this?
Intelligent smart poles are been installed but we cant see the sheer common sense in this case, then why call it smart anyways.

The Blockage won’t be for a week or so it will take months, 2-3 months for instance for the college road to be made open, so until then, even Google Map will be puzzled to get your way out.

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