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Check weirs at Vaccine depot are of sub standard quality

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MLA Abhay Patil inspected the check weirs (Small Dams) in heritage park at Vaccine Depot under the Smart City project. MLA Patil said all substandard work has been done and the quality of sand used is very bad and it may be needed to reconstruct the same once again from scratch seeing the current condition of the work.

The Belagavi smart city limited had began Construction of two check weirs (Small Dams) in heritage park worth Rs. 3,80,35,711.50 last year.

Check-Weir Project

There is a natural storm water stream or nallah in Heritage Park which is crossing through the park almost dividing the park into two halves. This is a seasonal nallah. Heavy rains causes flow in this nallah in monsoon period and afterwards the nallah again goes dry and the storm water drains of unutilised. The idea is to create a water body by collecting and storing the monsoon rain water by creating an obstruction or check Weir to store water, so that water can be used for different recreational and landscape purpose through the year in this park. This also enhances a rich biodiversity in the park. The presence of a water body will improve the bird population and also enhance the numbers of the visiting migratory birds. For this purpose, it is proposed to build two check Weirs in the most suitable spots on the nallah route.

Details about the check dams


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