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Choked drains on Congress road leads water into basement

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1The choked drains on Congress road have led the water into the basement of Arjun Empire on Congress road next to Arun Theater. City experienced heavy rains yesterday and the Storm water drain coming from Swami Vivekanand colony which goes underneath Congress road towards the railway tracks was choked. 

Hence the water from the drain which had a huge flow after the heavy rains started to overflow on congress road and the eventually entered the basement of Arjun Empire.
The major problem also here, is the size of the drain coming from SV colony and then it gets funneled into a small drain across Congress road which causes the slow movement of water.
At 1 am in the night the Corporation officials came to the spot to clear the water with a JCB. A small part of the road was dug so that water could be let into the drain which had amassed one side Congress road. Even in the morning the water was over flowing from the road.

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