Citizens of Anandwadi oppose the land acquisition by the Waqf board

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The Waqf board has written to the Police to give it police protection to bulldoze 45 homes which it claims to be its property.

However, none of the households have got any such notices but the Karnataka State Board of Waqf has written to the commissioner of police security for the said acquisition.

The citizens have come forward and opposed the same and many are staying here for decades and also have their names on the CTS then how is it that all of a sudden the Waqf board claims this land, that too without sending any notices to the occupants, claims the residents.


Karnataka State Board of Waqf is a statutory body constituted under the Waqf Act 1995 which is a Central Act. About 45,468 Waqfs are registered with the Board. These include Masjid, Dargahs, Idgahs, Khabrastans (burial grounds), Ashoorkhanas, Orphanages, Makans, etc.

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