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From 12-24 Dec 1780 hotel rooms booked for netas & officials

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The city of Belagavi is getting itself ready for the yearly event of the winter session for a 10 days period, starting December 13 to 23. The officials of the district are working overtime to see that all the things have fallen in line and none of the Netas and higher officials face any kind of issues.

Special teams have been formed who will look after food, accommodation, transportation.

1780 rooms in 65 hotels have been booked for the netas and officials from December 12 up to Dec 24.

Shri Suresh Itnal held a meeting with all the hotel owners and said that they would be given the rooms rent as per 2018 only.


If anyone is traveling to Belagavi during the said dates, they won’t be able to get any rooms. As the administration has asked all the rooms to be reserved for the netas and babus alone.

Strict Covid appropriate behavior must be maintained along with regular sanitization etc.

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