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City bus drivers collude with auto drivers at station

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autojagVishwanath a group member of Belgaum mein Auto ka Meter Down karo on Facebook shared his experience of his which he had a couple of months ago.

Vishwanath was returning from Mumbai to Belgaum with his family by Pondicherry express. The train reaches Belgaum around 9.30 am and Vishwanath had made up his mind that he wont take an auto may what come.

Just in front of railway station, a city bus was standing which was exclusively meant for railway passengers towards CBT. To his surprise it was empty none of the passengers who alighted from train boarded that bus.

But he boarded the bus with family took a seat. After two minutes conductor came inside told that the bus will leave after 30 mins and asked me to go by auto. Vishwanath said , its OK for me, I will wait. 5 mins later bus driver boarded and said you better go by auto since on sharing basis the charge will be the same.

This irked me and in high temper he shouted “why what’s the problem? This bus is meant for passenger’s specially who are alighting from train.”

Then the driver said then wait for an hour and went down and started discussing with the Auto drivers. Soon Vishwanath got down and deliberately noted down the name of both driver and conductor. As soon as he did this, both the driver and conductor boarded the bus and I was happily dropped at CBT.

What this essentially means is there is collusion between the city bus drivers and Auto drivers at the Railway station. The NWKRTC should look into this and make sure the bus comes on time and departs on time from the station.


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  1. Mr Vishwanath should be hailed !! NWKRTC should take note of it and arrange buses for different destinations in Belgaum at regular intervals. The DC and SP should ensure that the autowallas of Belgaum should run on meters and behave well with customers.


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