City bus service to Sambra Airport commences

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Today as many as 25 new buses were inducted by the NWKRTC which include two new Sleeper services to Shrengeri.

A new city bus service from Peeranwadi to Sambra Airport via Udyambag, Railway Station, Rani Chennama Circle and fare has been fixed at Rs.20 and it will make 8 trips in a day and the timings would be matched according to the arrival and departure of the flights.

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A new city bus route CBT – Shahu nagar via Khade Bazar, Rani Chenama circle, Azam Nagar and it would make 28 trips in a day.

Thanks to Hemant Bhat for the information. 

18 thoughts on “City bus service to Sambra Airport commences”

  1. Good to have a bus to Airport, Please Display the timings at various Bus Stops from Peeranwadi & Vice Versa,Let Conductors & Drivers who are prompt be deputed

  2. Thanks for initiative for the site. Thanks for the proper information as well.
    Keep going. Better if more information is shared. Best Wishes always.

  3. first start some more airlines to Belgaum from different places …without any airlines and passengers it’s going worthless…

  4. That’s good but connect Goa’s domestic flights to Belgaum it will be cheap n more fights connected to different parts of city. Think about it the flight fares r quite expensive please do connectivity with Goa domestic flights government must tie up this way think not smart but wise

  5. Congratulations to NWKSRTC for the initiative. Also, they have a better service in terms of quality of buses and timings. All the best for the staff.

  6. Via : Khade Bazar ???
    Are Bhai is Route par to Logon ko “KHADE” hone k lie bhi jagah nahi,
    Ab ye BUS kidar se ghusaenge NWKRTC wale.
    Strange !!!

  7. Are there enough flights for these buses to be put in the service? If not NWKRTC should demand air services from and to Sambra airport.

  8. Hi All, Are these buses still running, as I visited couple of times in last 3 months but never came across any buses. On Monday, I have a flight to catch at 9:30 do I have a bus to travel Sambora, if yes please help me with the timings. Thanks in advance for valuable inputs.


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