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Winter session ends but did it achieve what it was called for?

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The 10 day winter session of the Karnataka legislature being held at the SVS concluded  on Friday amidst accusations from the BJP, JDS that it had failed to hold any worthy discussion on  issues concerning North-Karnataka, defeating the very purpose of holding it in Belagavi . 

The session ended on a stormy note with the Opposition BJP and the ruling Congress locking horns over a minister’s alleged involvement in brokering a compromise between a murder accused and the kin of the deceased family.

It saw adoption of 11 Bills, including major ones such as the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments (Amendment) Bill, the Karnataka Prevention and Eradication of Inhuman Evil Practices and Black Magic Bill, and The Karnataka Extension of Consequential Seniority to Government Servants Promoted on the Basis of Reservation (To the Posts in the Civil Services of the State) Bill. The reports of the House committee on power purchases and encroachments of lakes in and around Bengaluru were also submitted.

empty-svsOnly four members participated in the special debate on issues related to North Karnataka.

The only positive message for North Karnataka was the revelation of statistics by the Chief Minister on how the region has got more funds for development when compared with the rest of the State.

A sum of 31 crores was estimated to be spent on this session where there was very dismal attendance of the elected representatives. The MLA’s were also not happy with the quality of food supplied at the SVS this session.

3 thoughts on “Winter session ends but did it achieve what it was called for?”

  1. Please v don’t need any future session to be conducted in SS what a huge waste of 31crores. It’s r money the taxes which v pay for the government n c the results . For development of r Belgaum karnataka govt has no money but then to chill out her in the name of winter session very smartly done n Belgaumities r fooled .Please never every come instead every year give that money for belgaums development v will make the change bcoz v r the change

  2. It is nice to see winter session in belagavi. this should continue it enhances business arena. Regarding performance of session it is upto to member of the session.


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