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City bus service stopped after death of driver

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The city bus service was affected on Monday morning as the drivers and conductors stopped the city bus service after the death of a driver last night and alleged that the NWKRTC officials are responsible for his death.

Driver on the Santi Bastwad bus SM Kazi had complained of pain in his chest last night but the officials did not give him leave and while driving the bus he became uncomfortable and got a cardiac arrest. The Conductor of the bus drove the bus to the Hospital but he was dead by the time.

The Drivers and conductor did not allow any city bus service to commence to protest against this.

4 thoughts on “City bus service stopped after death of driver”

  1. Sad. The higher officials need to be human. Lot of transport staff mention about high pressure work and un realistic targets.

  2. Shame on the higher officials… such a terrible thing happened.. ppl should understand that they are humans too.. pls… treat workers as humans n not as the daily bearer donkeys to work day n night effortlessly… such a shame.. they have families too waiting for them eagerly…


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