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City Corporation Administrator castigates smart city officials

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The administrator of Belagavi City Corporation, Amlan Aditya Biswas, IAS who is the Regional Commissioner castigated the officers of the smart city and city corporation for the work done in a callous manner.

He has ordered that all the FLEX hoardings be removed from the city within 7 days.

He has asked the commissioner of the Corporation Jagdish KH to see o it that those Flex banners are not visible to me after 7 days.

During a review meeting at the Corporation, he called up the MD of Smart city and asked her to immediately attend the meet and clarify the various points.

In the meeting that followed Shri Biswas castigated the Trackbel company which is the consultant company to Belagavi Smart city ltd.

Biswas said you have taken crores of rupees but have not given good solutions. Don’t sit in Delhi or AC cabins but go on the ground study and then make solutions he asked the consultant company.

He also said if the company is incapable it must be changed. If the public money is not put to good use then it is of no use. My hair has grayed and I know how the tender and other things work.

Biswas further asked to survey all the street vendors and make a complete report. There are 3 PPP projects under smart city but as no one is interested to come forward for the same what is the use of those projects he opined.

He said to Shireen Nadaf, MD BSCL the earlier MD’s might have made some mistakes but you don’t repeat the same.

Amlan Aditya Biswas, IAS
Amlan Aditya Biswas, IAS on the extreme right

Amlan Aditya Biswas, IASBiswas also visited the various works under the smart city and inspected the same and showed his unhappiness on the standard of the work.

While inspecting the KPTCL road he asked why does the Contractor needs more than 2 years for this road and even after this cycle track is so rough how can one cycle on this? If one cycles on this he will have to go to the hospital he added.

Seeing some cracks on the road he asked the contractor and warned him you may fool anyone else but don’t even try to give clarifications to me.

With regards to the bus shelters, he said there are five shelters here which bus stops where do you know it he asked the officials?

On seeing beer bottles in the bus shelters he said he would complain about this to Chairman Cheeranjevi Singh.

9 thoughts on “City Corporation Administrator castigates smart city officials”

  1. Excellent….. The dumb definitely need some one above them like this. The common man is the sufferer. I am very happy with the way Mr Biswal has taken the contractor and other officers on file. I hope it works.

  2. It’s about time some one is doing something regarding the Smart city Belgavi. Other Smart cities in India being way ahead while Belgavi Smart city project managers are taking nap or in state of confusion.

  3. Finally there is someone like Mr. Biswas has come to inspect the shoddy work done by great contractors, who are not proud of their country, and try to eat shit and also feed their family and share it with their asscociates, of taxpayers hard earned money.

  4. Hope Mr.Biswas practically sees the reality of our City & the problems faced by Public and takes necessary action immediately before its too late..
    Appreciated Mr.Biswas ur effort

  5. It is becoming increasingly known smart city initiatives are just an extension of corporation development projects. With ample funds for unscrupulous hands dipping fingers to the seems to have become den of corruption.what is smart about side drain or road surfacing and such civil works? Ultimately, the failure points to inept unimaginative consultants who themselves managed to get selected by dubious ways.

  6. I request him to conduct a survey of personal parked cars parked on 30 feet wide roads on both the sides leaving only 15 feet road for movement of vehicles.

    Owners of cars should have parking space in their own plots or pay parking fees to the corporation for using public roads for parking their vehicles. Fine should be prohibitely heavy so that they will demolish a room to park their car.


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