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City Corporation says we are not aware where the Over Bridge is to be built

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In a startling reply to an RTI query the Belagavi City Corporation has said that it is not aware of the exact location, survey number where the Railway over bridge is to be built.

Narayan Sawant had filed an RTI application to get the exact location of the Railway Over Bridge near Kapileshwar. He had applied for the same info to BUDA as well and BUDA replied that it would be built on Goods shed road to Hemukalani Chowk.ccbnewbig2

The RTI reply by the city corporation also states that as the said information is not available with us the RTI application has been forwarded to the Railway authorities. Also it states it does not have any CDP with it.

If the city corporation does not have the CDP plan of the city what can one expect from them and other authorities such PWD, BUDA have the CDP plan and are doing road widening as per the CDP plan according to them, So where is that CDP plan then is the question in the minds of the citizens.

4 thoughts on “City Corporation says we are not aware where the Over Bridge is to be built”

  1. What a pathatic answere from tge aurhorities. This clearly shows that no body wants to take responsibilities and people have to suffer. Again God save us from the authorities.

  2. I fail to understand why the people are creating problems for much needed development project, which is in their own interest. Should it not be taken up just because a few traders with small business have become apprehensive of their business? I have never seen such a section of people who are indifferent against their own problems. That BCC has no idea about the location of the proposed RoB is a different matter.

  3. Development does not mean bulldozing the roads of an old city every few decades and widening them – it means creating new infrastructure outside the confines of the old city to handle traffic and new population. old cities have charm and character and cities the world over preserve that.

    When rail traffic has increased it needs to be diverted outside the city – with a new railway station and bridges outside the city keeping in mind future growth.

    No amount of road widening will straighten out the traffic issues in the city, new shopping areas/malls need to be developed outside the current congested areas in the city center.


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