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City to turn more ‘Greener’ – CII-Indian Green Building (IGBC) Chapter launched in Belagavi

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On 24 August 2021, Dr. Karisiddappa, Vice-Chancellor, Visveswaraya Technological University, Mr Preetam Naslapure, Commissioner, Belagavi Urban Development Authority, Mr V Suresh, National Chairman, CII Indian Green Building Council launched CII- IGBC Belagavi Chapter, thereby ushering in a new chapter in further promoting a sustainable- built environment in the region of Belagavi.

The city of Belagavi becomes the 28th local chapter of CII- Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Other earlier local chapters launched by IGBC in the State of Karnataka include- Bengaluru, Mangaluru and Mysuru. IGBC local chapters work closely with the stakeholders in facilitating the adoption and promotion of green building concepts in the region and also offer a platform for sharing, learning & exploring new growth opportunities in the sector.

Distinguished dignitaries present at the launch program included- Mr Gurmit Singh Arora, National Vice Chairman, CII Indian Green Building Council, Mr K Sriram, Chairman, IGBC Skill Development Committee & Managing Director, Tapovan Projects, Mr Syed Mohamed Beary, Chairman, CII IGBC Bangalore Chapter & CMD, Bearys Group and Mr M Anand, Principal Counsellor, CII IGBC & Vice Chair, WorldGBC – APN Region.

Spearheading the 21st-century green building movement in India is IGBC, part of CII. The Council was formed in the year 2001 with a vision to facilitate India to emerge as one of the global leaders in green buildings and green built environments by 2025. Benefits of IGBC rated green buildings include: 40 to 50 % savings in electricity consumption; 20 to 30% savings in water consumption; enhanced ventilation & daylighting and enhanced health & productivity of occupants.

IGBC with the support of all the stakeholders has facilitated India to become one of the top five countries in the world in terms of the largest registered green building footprint. As of date, over 6,781 green building projects, amounting to over 7.86 Billion sq. ft are adopting IGBC green building rating systems. IGBC aspires to facilitate 10 billion sq. ft of green building footprint by 2022 (75th year of India’s Independence).

The launch of IGBCs chapter in Belagavi will further facilitate the adoption and promotion of green buildings in the State. IGBC Belagavi Chapter would be led by Mr. Rajendra Belgaumkar, Director, SENECA and Mr Chaitanya Kulkarni, Managing Director, Chaitanya Associates & CREDAI Karnataka President. The chapter with its multi-pronged approach will facilitate the spread and growth of the green building movement in Belagavi & the nearby region.

Speaking at the program Shri Preetam Naslapure addressed the gathering and mentioned that “Green & sustainable development is a most important need of the hour. At MUDA, we want to explore the policy initiative to incentivize green buildings. I would like to propose with suggestions from CREDAI and IGBC to propose the incentives and the master plan for the city to go green with IGBC. BUDA is very keen to make the city green and in line with the sustainable development vision. MUDA is also developing the master plan for the affordable housing project in Kalburgi which would have around 2700 homes, I would suggest our project teams look for making it a green affordable housing project. IGBC is the right forum to convert into a green building. Belagavi is a fast-moving city in terms of urban infrastructure and mobility, therefore 24 villages are proposed to be incorporated in the surroundings of Belagavi to take care of the expansion plan. Let us support IGBC and see to it that Belagavi is a green city under the guidance of IGBC.”

Dr Karisiddappa said that “VTU have an MoU with IGBC which is a good initiative, now we have to see the role and responsibility of each one us towards green and sustainable development. Every activity to be looked at optimizing the use of natural resources and then the evolution of technology like Electrical vehicles etc will emerge. We need to work with Nature, in association with IGBC. Every student, the citizen should work towards this objective. Students can be part of IGBC Green Education program and become IGBC AP Associate to lead the green building movement further. We need to take advantage of the emerging technologies towards a more sustainable built environment. I am really happy that IGBC Belagavi chapter has been launched”.

Mr V Suresh while addressing at the event stressed the need to switch to green & sustainable development to save the environment and planet earth. Adding that the 21st century belongs to India he said “Sustainability is in India’s ethos. He further emphasizes that the concept of Green Building has immense potential in the coming days in the country as well as in Belagavi. I see tremendous scope for concepts like Health & Well-being, Net Zero Energy, Green products and Green Education in the coming days.

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Mr Gurmit Singh Arora mentioned that ‘IGBC has fully indigenized all 29 green building rating systems and they all are designed to address national priorities. Projects from Kashmir to Andaman and Surat to Shillong are adopting IGBCs green guidelines and IGBCs initiatives today are touching the lives of all sections of the society.

Mr Rajendra Belgaumkar, Chairman of the IGBC Belagavi Chapter in his address said that the aim and goal of all the stakeholders of the Belagavi chapter will be the same as to how we can bring sustainable development in Belagavi. We would make sure to convey the need of the hour i.e. to rapidly adopt & promote green buildings. They are a fine combination of ancient architecture and modern technological innovations and will go a long way in improving the quality of life & well-being of the occupants.

Mr Chaitanya Kulkarni further added that IGBC Belagavi Chapter would also work closely with the academia (students) as they are the future leaders, along with the construction fraternity such as architects, consultants, building material manufacturers etc to propagate the Green Movement in Belagavi & nearby cities.

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