How clean and green is our Belgaum City?


by Nitin J Maniyal

BELGAUM: It’s a matter of pride to reside in Belgaum, that’s famous for its climatic and demographic conditions. There is no doubt about the greenery of Belgaum, it is majorly covered by a green belt which makes the environment healthy and beautiful. However the number of fruitful trees and plants are less comparatively in proportion to the weeds grown all across the area. With the growing demand for land, and developmental activities of houses and apartments, and with the roads widening we could find a drastic change in the days to come.

Hence there is need for plantation of trees, to save the future. For every tree cut there should an equal and proportionate plantation made mandatory which could be helpful for the future generations to come.dirt1

Belgaum city corporation is doing a wonderful job, as it has employed several people along with transport facilities to carry the garbage and to place the same in a dumping area to ensure the city cleanliness. Even after sincere efforts made by the BCC there is a major problem with the garbage in our city, I have enclosed certain pictures which help us know the pathetic state of the current garbage system.In some areas i could find the garbage bin’s however either found some of them overfull, or even when they were empty i could find the waste lying besides the bin’s, this shows the understanding of the citizens, how careless are we.

Garbage bins were not found in majority of the areas in anandwadi, vadgaon and khasbag, which led the citizens throw the dirt wherever they wished to do so, which makes the environment dirty and stinky. Moreover where there is dirt, it has given a chance for the pigs to arise back which did not prevail for quite some time and has also given birth to dangerous diseases. The stagnant and polluted water prevails in many parts of the city, and no body really cares about it.

The toilets and urinals are highly unhygienic; you would never wish to go inside even in case of emergency. They are in such a disastrous condition; this could be a den for dengue, malaria and other hazardous diseases. Hence people litter anywhere and everywhere, which is shameful for the city.dirt2

This makes me ask several questions those are unanswered. I ask these questions to the citizens of the society, the corporation and to all the political leaders, who promised a lot and did little.

1. When can we have a dirt free society?

2. Why doesn’t corporation install garbage bin’s?

3. When could we be a ‘pig’s free society’?

4. When will all the citizens use the dustbin’s and garbage bin’s?

5. When can we have clean and hygienic toilets and urinals?

6. When would all the citizens initiate plantation to continue keeping the city green?

7. When would all the citizens unite for a clean city?

8. When would we see a government official walking to our doorstep asking for complaints?

9. Should there be privatization in city maintenance?

10. Can we have privitisation in city cleanliness?

11. When would fine be imposed on throwing the waste roadside?

12. When would the citizens use spittoons?

I appeal to the citizens of the City, to kindly unite for the development of the above areas which can change the way we live. Its a joint effort of the authorities along with the citizens of the society which can lead to change.

About the Author: Nitin J Maniyal is a Lecturer at Jain Degree College Belgaum.



  1. Pigs are a menace. Corporation authorities must act against pig breeders who are a big mafia!!

    Employ more garbage contractors and initiate free collection not charged, even if 1/- rupee per day is bad. Why pay ?

    Educate kids on garbage disposal and cleanliness initiatives so that going ahead we have a better generation which may care. This must be taught at an early stage.

    Moreover corporation officials should fine any one not dumping waste in the designated bins and should form a task forced for implementation.

    Companies must advertise or print pamphlets with a clean Belgaum message & care for environment message and target every ward, every household. Public transport must have the message flashed in every vehicle. All major junction that have big sign hoarding must be painted with clean Belgaum message on the side it below the advertiser name.


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