Power cables to go underground in Belgaum


Energy Minister D.K. Shivakumar has said that Hubli Electricity Supply Company (Hescom) will lay 27 underground feeder lines in Belgaum.

The work would begin soon and the department would save 23 MW to 24 MW of power a year through the initiative. Rs.200+ crores is the estimated expenditure for this and 11 KV and HT lines would be laid underground. Main advantage of underground cables would be that frequent power failure due to thunderstorm and rain can be overcome. 



  1. it is a shame that for past more than 50-60 years there is no development in the belgaum. take for example the old over bridge in front of shri military mahadev mandir ,how many more years we have to use it why there is no new flyover,similarly three railway crossings one at kapilwswhar and three at tilakwadi named as I st gate II gate III gate it is really shame that belgaum remains backwards vis vist to other cities belgaumkar only fight on religion and language let us fight for legal matters and legally but about the development, the city is growing with its population but the infrastructure is same as it was in 1950 what a shame to our all politicians and we are electing them for nothing


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