Cleanliness Drive in city

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Various educational institutions and social organizations have come under Swachha Belagavi Sundar Belagavi Sanchalan Samiti (SBSBSS), led by former MLA Abhay Patil, and planned yearlong different and innovative programmes to create awareness on cleanliness in the city of Belagavi.

Awareness campaigns, street plays, surveys, interaction with students will be all part of the year long program.

The inauguration of the drive will begin at Jain college of Engineering today. The survey to measure awareness among households about cleanliness to be commenced shortly in which different problems regarding garbage management will be identified and public suggestions will be collected. Around 200 households at each ward will be surveyed by the volunteers.

4 thoughts on “Cleanliness Drive in city”

    • No Mr.Kishor,,they will never do this – i bet.
      They will clean & maintain their home surroundings / area,,thats all.
      If they could have willed to do this,,it would had happen long years back.

  1. Cleanliness drive..What a joke..Just for photo opp we have seen lot of drives. Let the respective govt departments work as per their assigned work and you will find no issues…Hopeless honest tax payers now needs to take broom in their hand and start cleaning the roads and during winter session of assembly..You will roads being washed by water daily road painted..pot holes covered…Common man is not imp its VVIPS…come on grow up guys…


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