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Clik technology workshop on embedded systems design

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Clik technology workshop on embedded systems design & developemnt 17th & 18th Jan 2013 at hotel Eefa – Belgaum organised by clik with KBITSsupport

CLIK – Consortium of Electronics Industries of Karnataka based in of Bangalore is a 30 year old non-profit association striving to serve Electronic Industries in Karnataka and particularly SME sector companies with activities that benefit its members in general & SME Electronics Industry in particular.

CLIK in collaboration with Spundhan Software Pvt. Ltd. is organizing a two day technical workshop on Embedded Systems Design & Development for the benefit of local Electronic Industry in MSME Sector, Academia, Teaching Faculty & Technical Student Community.

The various topics covered in two days over 4 sessions are state of the art technology topics in Electronics Embedded Systems Design & Development.

First Session is conducted by Dr. Ameet Patil – Founder CEO – Spundhan Softwares Pvt Ltd – Belgaum on Basics of Embedded Systems Design & Development who is also the Technology Knowledge Partner for this prestigious event of CLIK.

Second Session is conducted by Mr. Ajit Patil – CEO / CTO of Credence Information Services – Belgaum an IT Consultancy Firm on Virtualization & Cloud Computing.

Third Session is conducted by Mr. Swapneel Patnekar – Founder eth1 Network Solutions on Linux in Embedded Computing This talk is primarily intended towards spreading information about the usage of Linux OS in a embedded device(mobile phones, setup boxes, consumer electronic devices, networking equipment). The talk will give insights into advantages of using Linux OS in a embedded device over proprietary Real Time Operating Systems such as VxWorks, WindowsCE etc.

Fourth Session is conducted by Mr. Ramesh Kumar M – Founder CEO of Unified Gateways – Bangalore on Access & Home Networks – Technology Driving Connectivity. Embedded Electronics in Automobiles is permeating at a unimaginable speed and more & more auxiliary and secondary functions, control and monitoring is taken automatically by Embedded Electronics in Automobiles.

For details contact: Ameet on 0831 – 4203291

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