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To support the farmers of Belgaum district, Belgaum Sugars Pvt. Ltd. has initiated cloud seeding in response to the prevailing drought conditions. On Friday, September 29, the cloud seeding operation was launched at the Sambra Airport in Belagavi. The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has granted approval for this endeavor. Cloud seeding activities will take place in Belagavi district for two consecutive days, September 29 and 30.

The cloud seeding process will be carried out by the VT-KCM flight, led by Captain Virender Singh and Captain Adarsh Pandey. To attract clouds at lower altitudes, CaCl-2 iodide will be utilized, while silver iodide will be employed to attract clouds above 20,000 feet.

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It is believed that if clouds are present within a specific area, rainfall may occur within five minutes of the chemical spraying. The technical staff of the cloud seeding plane has assured that if no clouds are detected, the aircraft will return without any intervention. They have also mentioned that since clouds have been observed in Belgaum, the conditions are favorable for cloud seeding.

Officials from the agency have explained that the silver iodide chemical will be sprayed into the atmosphere to attract clouds at altitudes ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 feet.

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  1. I know, you’ll have posted the congress leader’s son in the background of your post on Google! I’ll tell you, good luck with your scheme because you’ll are helpless with Congress in government. Please have some shame in misleading innocent belgaum people believe in your dirty PR politics of a certain party!!

  2. And if you’ll don’t post this earlier comment of mine on your website, let me tell you.. I’ll post the screenshot of that on Twitter tagging everyone.. even I’m a person from social media, don’t take me for granted!

    • plz go ahead and most welcome. ur person from social media i am not. I am here for Belagavi. Hope this clears ur thoughts. if u r on socialmedia learn how to comment first. screenshot vdo do what u wish. those photos are shared by the Vartha Bahavn publicity dept of the govt, u may ask them not me. Do u have guts to ask go and ask,

  3. Cloud seeding is done by Belgaum Sugars, it is their individual effort to get rain. Let everyone forget about politics and thank them for their effort.


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