Club road to Argan Talav road to be widened to 60 feet

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Vishveshwarya circle to Argan Tank road to be 60 feet

Club road will remain 100 feet – Initail plan was to widen to 100 feetclub_road

Club road from Vishveshwarya circle near Harsha Electronics upto the circle of Argan Talav would be widened to 60 feet with dividers,footpath and also median lighting.

AAB had made a story on August 17, 2012 Club road to Argan Talav road to be widened.

The PWD officers said that the Club road currently which is 100 feet cannot be widened to 120 feet and only the centre median would be moved a bit.

The road from the circle to Argan Talav which was to be 100 feet has now been reduced to 60 feet as if the road would be widened to 100 feet many compound walls of buildings would have to be demolished. Citizens were heard speaking that this road widening is again being done to save the property of some big shots.
It must be recalled at this juncture that Khanapur road is being widened to 120 feet (part of the road) but the road which was ear marked to be widened to 100 feet is being widened only upto 60 feet.
The work on the same was inaugurated by MLA North Feroz Sait.

The total estimated expenditure is about Rs.4 crores.

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  1. The club road which currently 100 ft should be widened to 120 ft and from Harsha to Argan talav should have been at least 100 ft. But feel very sorry and sad who listens to us. Be ready for more traffic jams with increasing traffic on club road and else where. You have also brought in the news of Khanapur road widening as well. See how things change for special people. How will development take place ?


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