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COBRA commando school Khanapur demands better infrastructure

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The officers of the CRPF’s COBRA ( COmmando Battalion for Resolute Action) school at Jamboti, Khanapur Taluka held discussions at length with the Deputy Commissioner Ziaullah and other to sort out problems of water supply, Electricity and better roads.

Currently the school has about 150 trainee commando’s and the number is likely to reach about 350 and hence the school will need better supply of water, Electricity and better roads.

cob-dcZP CEO Ramchandran asked the officers to prepare a detailed report on the same and submit so that favorable action can be taken.

Cobra training is imparted so that CRPF jawans can crack down on naxalites and other insurgencies. The training involves guerrilla warfare tactics and jungle warfare which are also the core of CRPF counter-insurgency strategy. In 12 weeks of training, a commando with cobra status prepares himself for any eventuality in a combat role.

2 thoughts on “COBRA commando school Khanapur demands better infrastructure”

  1. Act on priority. These guys sacrifice their life for us. The least is to provide them with basics.
    Babus do not mess around as usual.


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