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Better parking sense makes road Better Bigger Wider

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The Traffic police since the past week have been very active after it has got additional 60+ staff with it to manage the crowded market streets. Ramdev Galli, part of Nana Shankar Sheth Marg (Khade Bazar ) upto Ganpat Galli, Samadevi Galli, Huns Talkies road and part of Kaktives road now have strict Odd even parking.

There is a one way in Ramdev Galli but hardly anyone adhered to this, but now there is a Police constable there on duty from 9 am to 9 PM to manage the traffic and also the rule of odd and even date parking is been strictly imposed which is a welcome sign.


Samadevi Galli, Part of Khade Bazar up to Potdar Jewelers looks quite big and easy to commute as the parking is on only one side. The constables on duty don’t even allow one to stand and is asked to park on the sides of odd or even.

The sources police are taking up each street one after the other and will also include Kirloskar road which is totally messed with double parking, hawkers. Maruti Galli and Ganpat Galli will be the hardest to clear. Maruti Galli has fewer hawkers but number of vehicles is very high and parking is on both sides. Ganpat Galli has a sea of hawkers which we doubt the police will intervene at this time as always the God father arrives to mediate.

But the police who have to be congratulated for this wonderful job of instilling a sense of parking amongst the citizens, it will also be very nice to see how the Ganpat Galli and Maruti Galli issues are handled.

The above areas Ramdev Galli, part of Nana Shankar Sheth Marg (Khade Bazar ) upto Ganpat Galli, Samadevi  Galli are frequently patrolled by the ASI, CPI traffic which is again a welcome sign.

The citizens also must follow the rules and make commuting easier.

6 thoughts on “Better parking sense makes road Better Bigger Wider”

  1. Good Job by the police. They are trying to do some thing which is a very good thing and a welcome step and which has to be appreciated. Let me tell you they are also controlling the traffic very well at the 1st gate and more importantly at the 2 nd gate. Good job by the police. We also have to co operate as responsible citizens of this Beautiful city… Belgaum/ Belgavi

  2. Thanks for the update TRAFFIC and I have requested to police department and involves the public inlrage the video and photos of the wrong practicing for praking, I will do my best to make traffic jams and support the idea that can help to the BELGAVI public. Thanks again for the police officer and STAFF. With best regards to the BELGAVI public.


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