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College girl attempts suicide after youths harass her

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An 18 year PU college girl attempted suicide by consuming pesticide on Monday after she was harassed and even threatened by four youths.

However no case was registered with the police and the girl come to college from a nearby village.

Sources have said that four youths  harassed her at Gondhali Galli on February 8 while she in the company of friends. The same youths misbehaved with her again on February 10. They asked to meet them at a specified place. The youths threatened the girl with dire consequences if she did not meet them.

The girl took the extreme step of suicide which is disheartening. She could have spoken about it to her friends or even called the police.
The girl was definitely in a state of shock and she might have taken this harsh step. Eve teasing or harassment is nothing new but the women will have stand up and complain and the Police also must have women constables patrolling near colleges and even the Colleges themselves should have some cell and counselling where if any such incident occurs inside or outside the college, the councilors there can guide the girls on how to go forward and face such incidents.

Many colleges might just ignore this issue as it did not happen in the college campus and we are not responsible for it, but here it is the question of one young life which by proper counseling can be saved and the culprits can be brought to justice.

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    • Yes… That’s really great mam. I think we the youth only have to take some major steps to avoid these Suicide cases… We have to conduct some programmes (campaigning) related to anti – suicide that will lead to peace and harmony among youngsters.. “Suicide itself is a very big crime”. “say NO to Suicide”?

  1. Wht th hell with belgaum ppl such an shameless act dont u bastards hav sisters mother wife if anyone does same thing wth thm wht would u do.. waste persons girls and womens need to be trained and special classes to be held in school n colleges how to tackle such bastards

  2. The same thing was happen to me bt no one stood for me I can understand Wat she was actually feeling….. I have gone through it…… Bt I only think of my parents agar Maine Aisa Karunge tho un pe Kya bithege……

    • Dear Sana,
      First of all, thank you for sharing with us, however, I would like to use your sentence to answer…
      …… Bt I only think of my parents agar Maine Aisa Karunge tho un pe Kya bithege……
      ….. But if you come forward and make an official complaint to Cops then probably will get justice, if not then what will going to happen? Same as above article… Right???

  3. Uday i feel you should have some link here on your website where girls can actually ask for help. They get afraid and do not speak to anyone. I guess if there is a secret way to put the word out they might be comfortable. Do think over it.

  4. Can’t believe this. Such things happening in belgaum is a shocker. There should be police set up every corner of belgaum and check what boys do and of they misbehave then they should be slapped straight away. Then only this country will improve!

  5. In today’s fast paced world of social media acceptance and instant gratification…what today’s youth need is easy access to councell…


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